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A commitment to community and philanthropy is one of many characteristics that set Dr. Ellen Mahony apart from other plastic surgeons. In addition to helping plastic surgery patients around Westport and Fairfield, CT, Ellen is passionate about supporting charitable causes around the globe. Here, Ellen has written about just a few of the events and organizations that she has had the honor of working with.

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Jennifer Boyd, PA-C

Mind and Body Mastery through the Decades: A Practical and Informative Program on How to be Your Best Self at any Age

Ava Diamond, LCSW, Mental Fitness Coach and I joined forces to discuss “aging matters”- the psychological and physical strategies that make each new decade count toward creation, not crisis. I presented the multiple aspects of aging unique to each decade (20-90+) and the challenges related to each. It was also important to include the necessary steps to take in each decade to ensure we all stay on the right track and enjoy “successful” aging.

Both presentations led to a valuable group discussion based on the guests’ personal experiences. It was great to learn how so many had already made little adjustments in their attitude, diet and exercise, and were committed to incorporating the new information to make more! There’s no question that knowledge is power and can create a mindset that yields new energy for achieving your goals and leading you to be your best self at any age.

Love and Dating in Fairfield County

“Aging Matters: The Mystery of Timeless Beauty”

I had the pleasure to sponsor and be a guest speaker at Fairfield County’s Love and Dating Event, hosted by Trevor Crow and Jill Fitzburgh. The Delamar, in Southport, CT, was the perfect venue for an early summer evening! It was great to meet the other speakers and have a chance to laugh and talk with the many guests! As anyone can imagine, it was a packed patio and everyone had a wonderful time. The proceeds benefited the CT Challenge, empowering cancer survivors.

“A fresh, informative and sometimes hilarious take on modern romance for everyone” was the theme of the night and gathered a great group of guest speakers, including certified sex therapist Sari Cooper, local matchmakers Sara Foster and Lory Kelsey as well as professional photographer Kristen Jensen, who addressed the challenges, as well as humor, that go hand-in-hand with refreshing your current relationship or newly stepping into the world of dating.

As for my presentation, “Aging Matters: The Mystery of Timeless Beauty,” I chose the a topic that interested me for a long while. After all, what is “beauty” anyway? What is it that attracts our eye and always has, since the beginning of time? Has the perception of beauty changed or is it constant? I LOVE THIS TOPIC(!) and particularly enjoy dovetailing it with many historic and cultural values that influence our perception, as well as one of the intangible features of beauty, the “It” factor.

Jennifer Boyd, PA-C

Hormones De-Bunked: Get the Skinny on Sex, Skin and Sensuality

“Hormones De-Bunked” turned out a great group of women! It was a pleasure to have Jennifer Boyd, PA-C, founder of Boyd Wellness, join us for an interesting discussion about the pros and cons of Bioidentical vs. Conventional Hormones. We all came away well-educated and able to make some informed decisions about our future.

I was excited to introduce the scientific side of aging, on both the cellular and physical levels, as explanation to the many changes we experience over time. It was fun to use a decade by decade photo series of myself as illustration of the aging process!

Although the wisdom that comes with age is nice… the wrinkles, ailing joints and general frailty are challenging. Luckily, the key to anti-aging is within your reach.  When it comes to relaying messages, inducing reactions and protecting tissue – it’s all about your hormones. From regulating metabolism and growth to controlling immune function and reproduction, hormones are major players in all that you do and all that you are – physically at least. The good news however, is that although our hormones diminish over time, we can maximize their levels by making adjustments in our lifestyle and exercise. Gradual consistent changes like this will go a long way to creating a lifetime of GREAT quality living!

Marilyn Kalish

Is Your House in Order?
Ask Marilyn Kalish

Marilyn Kalish joined us in Westport to share what having your “house in order” means for her. Her talk and art show were well attended by area women. Audrey Demetres hosted the evening, and Cris Negrin of In Good Taste catered the dinner.

I was so impressed when I saw Marilyn’s amazing artwork in the Berkshires in Massachusetts! The translucent light and charcoal, the sensuality of dance and the reflection of femininity portrayed in her work Veils of Light made me wonder, “What would it take to create such compelling images?”

That very question led to a conversation with the artist herself and provided me insight to the wisdom that comes with life experience. Marilyn lives without limits and without compromise. She “paints without censor or shame.” To see her work, visit her website. Very inspiring.

Dr. Mahony and Bernicestine McLeod Baily

A Performance for Children in Need

The Dance Theatre of Harlem came to the Westport Country Playhouse on Sunday, March 30, to benefit the Bridgeport-based Neighborhood Studios of Fairfield County, a nonprofit arts school for children and older students, including challenged and at-risk youths. The pre-performance reception was sponsored by the Fairfield County chapter of The Links, Inc., and its president, Bernicestine McLeod Bailey. The Links is an international not-for-profit corporation comprising some 12,000 women, providing a wide range of art, cultural, educational, health and human services to transform the lives of children in need, in Fairfield County and around the world.

President McLeod Bailey and I supported this year’s performance by the Dance Theatre of Harlem.

The Dance Thetre of Harlem

Dr. Mahony and Dr. Marita Eisenmann-Klien

Global Outreach for Women

Marita Eisenmann-Klein, M.D., is the chairperson of IPRAF (International Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Foundation). In 2008, Dr. Eisenmann-Klein started Women for Women to provide to female victims of physical abuse international medical and surgical care that they would not otherwise have access to within their local communities. In various parts of the world, many women suffer from disfiguring and socially excluding injuries and trauma that are often inflicted on them as a result of their ethnic background, social traditions, or typical environmental conditions surrounding them.

I met with Dr. Eisenmann-Klein to discuss upcoming mission work in Nepal and Pakistan later this year.

Dr. Mahony with Women in power

Local Women in Power

A number of years ago, I co-founded a regional group called Women in Power with the guiding principle that when women work together, we achieve great things. We support one another and enrich each other’s lives. Together, we can grow our knowledge, confidence, and power. Through our group, hundreds of women worked together to develop our personal and professional lives through networking and education.

We hosted a series of events on different topics important to today’s woman. These were topics we had struggled with ourselves or that other women had suggested. We brought in panelists — experts in their fields — to share their knowledge. We also left time for networking and developing personal as well as professional connections. While informative, these events were also fun! The enthusiasm of so many wonderful, dynamic women was contagious.