Body and Arm Lift

If you’ve lost a significant amount of weight — through exercise, diet or bariatric surgery — your new body may be burdened with excess skin and droopy folds across the upper and lower body.

You can increase your comfort and confidence with a body lift from Westport and Fairfield, Connecticut-area plastic surgeon Dr. Ellen Mahony.

During the procedure, Ellen can “lift” and remove you extra skin folds from virtually every area of the body that is desired. If you have excess skin around your waist and thighs, Ellen offers lower body lifts that combine a tummy tuck and liposuction, along with skin removal around the pubic area, buttocks, thighs, and hips.

While these combined procedures can make a huge difference, your lower body isn’t the only area that Ellen can improve. A brachioplasty, or upper arm lift, can remove excess skin that flaps beneath the arm to give your upper arms a tighter, more toned appearance. In addition, an upper body lift can smooth out folds that extend from the chest area to the mid-back. And, if your skin has retained its elasticity, liposuction can remove fatty tissue in your arms and back.

With any of these procedures, Ellen’s ultimate goal is to make you feel comfortable and secure in your new body. You can count on that.


I’ve been working out a lot at the gym to try and reduce the saggy skin under my arms – I feel stronger and have more muscle but the flappy skin is still there. Help!

Unfortunately, there really is no way to spot reduce any trouble area on the body. And, if you have excess skin from a dramatic weight loss  it can be especially loose requiring surgical removal of the excess skin. The tightening I’m able to perform in the procedure gives the most desirable result. For patients that have good skin elasticity but fatty tissue under the arm, I sometimes use liposuction to get the desired result of fat removal and skin tightening.

What type of scar will I have with an arm lift? I’m doing this so that I can show off my arms with confidence in tank tops and strapless dresses and don’t want to have to hide a scar!

Each patient is unique but I generally place the incision on the inside of the arm which faces the body.  It usually is from the armpit area to the elbow.  In rarer cases, I can make the incision under the armpit. There are many great ways to care for incisions post-surgery that help to minimize the appearance of the scars and I’ve found patients are so thrilled with their new, toned arms that they’re never afraid to show them off,  scars or not!

What types of procedures are involved in a body lift?

Body lifts are one of the most comprehensive and custom procedures that I perform. Every person’s needs are very unique so a consultation is required to assess what areas of the body were most affected by the weight loss. Lifts usually involve an incision that passes from the front of the lower belly around to the upper buttock region, encircling the torso entirely.

Are all of the procedures in a body lift done at once?

Yes, I find that I can achieve the best contouring at one procedure. Occasionally there may be a reason to stage the procedures. I also recommend that patients who have lost a lot of weight wait at least a year before they embark upon this surgery.