Breast Reduction


Breast reduction is typically labeled a cosmetic procedure. But its true benefits go well beyond aesthetics. If you’re troubled by large or pendulous breasts, a reduction can offer welcome relief from back or neck pain as well as uncomfortable skin irritation along bra strap areas.

When skillfully performed by Dr. Ellen Mahony, a breast reduction surgery at her Westport and Fairfield, Connecticut-area practice can relieve these symptoms, and give you (finally!) a proportionate, shapely figure that is a better reflection of you … and infinitely more comfortable.*

Imagine being free of pain, enjoying greater comfort while exercising, and expanding your options when shopping for shirts and tops that flatter your figure.

During a Westport CT breast reduction procedure (or “reduction mammaplasty,” as it’s known), Ellen removes fat, glandular tissue, and skin from the breasts. The areola (darker skin around the nipple) can also be resized. There are a variety of ways to achieve this, and together, you and Ellen will discuss them in detail, and determine which best meets your unique needs. For example, a breast reduction is a common part of a Menopause Makeover or Mommy Makeover.

During your consultation with Ellen at her plastic surgery practice, she’ll take the time to listen to your concerns. Then she’ll explain how your breast reduction in Westport CT will be performed, and what you should expect during your recovery period.

And after your procedure, you’ll discover a new freedom in your everyday activities that you may not have thought possible before.*

Breast Reduction FAQ

I’m 18, 5’6,” and weigh 125 lbs. My breasts are really a pain for me. I’m a 34 E cup and already have discomfort. I can’t work out or run. Am I too young for a Breast Reduction?

No, in fact it sounds like it’s the perfect operation for you! We do require the signature of a consenting adult, in addition to yours, until the age of 21. I think it will be liberating for you to feel less burdened by heavy breasts. You’ll find you have the freedom to exercise and find clothes that fit- without the constant consideration of your heavy chest. We’ll have plenty to discuss including what to expect with pregnancy or breast feeding in the future.

I really want to have my breasts reduced, but I’m afraid of the pain after surgery. What can I expect??

Most women tell me they feel tightness after the surgery but not real pain. The good news is that this procedure does not involve the muscle. So, the main issues are swelling and a sense of tightness due to the tissue being tightened. I like everyone to wear a sports bra after the surgery and this supports your breasts, limiting movement, which also minimizes discomfort. Most ladies are taking Tylenol after surgery!

What is the recovery like following breast reduction surgery?

The recovery period is in the range of 5-7 days following breast reduction. Because breast reduction surgery does not disrupt muscle, the discomfort our patient’s have is very well tolerated. Another reason that our patient’s don’t complain about a high level of post op pain is because their breasts are well supported by a post surgical bra. As testimony to this fact, many of our patient’s only use the pain meds for the first 24 hours. Another piece of good news is that most women report immediate relief from issues of chronic neck, back and shoulder pain. Reducing that heavy front side weight seems to be almost miraculous!There is approximately a 2-3 week period of time following surgery that we ask our patient’s torefrain from strenuous exercise to avoid any post surgical complications like bleeding.

After breast reduction can my breasts grow back? Would I need another breast reduction?

It is possible but very uncommon for a large amount of breast tissue to recur to the point where a patient would need an additional breast reduction surgery. Patients who have breast reduction surgery when they are very young however may have an additional breast surgery in their future as the body goes through changes such as weight gain or loss, pregnancy and aging of the skin.

I want to know what my cup size will be following surgery. Can you tell me that?

I steer away from defining a final cup size.There are so many factors that contribute to breast size. I spend a lot of time understanding a woman’s goals, the extent of the reduction she would like and also in reviewing the technical limitations of the procedure. My ultimate goal is to give you the best breast size based on your build, height and chest width. When a lady says that she would like to be as small as possible, I like her to understand that a certain amount of breast tissue has to be retained in order to avoid any risk to the health of the tissue and to avoid breasts that look unnatural.

I’m nervous about the scarring with breast reduction. The breast reduction scars I have seen on your photo gallery look great. Are those only the very best results?

Fortunately, the scars tend to fade very nicely and blend into the natural skin tone over time.I focus on specific scar care techniques that minimize the appearance of the scars and are very effective. Scars are unavoidable when removing tissue, however our ladies are very happy with the trade off. Not only does a breast reduction enhance your comfort and quality of life, it also enhances the appearance of your entire figure.