Your face says so much about your personality, passion and priorities. So, needless to say, any changes to it can be a little unnerving.

The fact is most facial cosmetic surgery is about balancing reflection with perception — that is, aligning the reflection you see in the mirror with the perception you have of yourself. People who are serious about achieving this balance discover Dr. Ellen Mahony, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Westport, Connecticut, whose facial cosmetic surgery skills and experience attract patients from New Haven to Westchester, NY.

You’ll instantly appreciate the sensitivity and thoughtfulness that Ellen brings to your one-to-one consultation. As your confidant and advocate, she’ll listen intently to you and your concerns, and come to understand you as a unique individual. She’ll answer your questions honestly, in plain language.

Then Ellen will make a professional and personal recommendation, from a full range of surgical and non-surgical options, to achieve the physical look you want and the emotional response that goes with it. Ellen has the skills and sensitivity needed to fulfill your aesthetic vision.*

Interested in enhancing more than one aspect of your face? Ellen is exceptionally experienced in guiding you through the many options available for combining procedures. For example, if you want to augment your lips and fill in age-related hollows in your cheeks, Ellen is skilled in performing lip, cheek, and even chin augmentation. From face lift to ear surgery, she offers a full range of cosmetic surgery options. View the beautiful results she has attained for other patients by visiting her Photo Gallery.

Among the procedures are:

Ellen has the training to give your experience a personal touch, and the diversified skill set and experience to help you make a confident, informed decision. Together as a team, you and she achieve the customized result you desire.