A procedure designed to melt away a double chin!

Every day, we come across people exhibiting a marked difference in the way they grow old. While some of them are successful in defying age, others succumb to the ravages of time. In keeping with the growing demand for anti-aging treatments, shop shelves are full of products all claiming to give you a magical transformation. These have gained considerable favor with the glitterati and the common folks alike.

While these products do help preserve one’s youthful looks, they only offer temporary results. Fortunately, there are procedures available today that offer longer lasting results. Kybella is one such option.

A Little About Kybella Injections

Kybella, a prescription treatment, is a safe and effective procedure used to eliminate stubborn, undesired fat deposits under the chin without extensive surgery or recovery time. The main component of these injections, deoxycholic acid, is a molecule that occurs naturally in the body and promotes the breakdown and absorption of fat.

The treatment involves administering a series of injections in the chin area. The number of sessions required is entirely dependent on the individual needs of each patient. This can be discussed during your consultation.

Once injected into the fatty deposits under your chin, Kybella disrupts these fat cells and keeps the region from storing or accumulating fat in the future.

Kybella Injections: How They Work

Kybella is the first injectable treatment that has been approved by the FDA to treat fat deposits under the chin, in the submental area. Once injected, it dissolves this fat, leaving the chin area more contoured.

The technique is very similar to Botox treatments in that Kybella is injected in the treatment area through a small needle. The number of injections each individual receives varies depending on the individual and the area being treated. The process lasts for about thirty minutes, including the time it takes to mark the area where the injection will be administered and the time to numb the area.

How Do I Know If I Am a Good Candidate for the Treatment?

You may be a good candidate for the treatment if:

  • You’re dissatisfied with excess fat under your chin
  • You’re not ready for a cosmetic surgery treatment
  • You want to enhance the appearance of your face

Kybella has been approved by the Food and Drug Association for people aged 21 or above and has been cleared only for treating fat in the submental area. To determine if you’re well suited for the procedure, Dr. Mahony will evaluate several factors during the consultation process, including:

  • Your medical fitness and overall health
  • Treatments you’ve received previously
  • The quality of your skin and its ability to respond favorably to this procedure
  • Your emotional stability and your expectations for the treatment

When Will I Be Able to See Results, and How Long Do They Last?

Typically, most people see visible improvements in the submental region after two to four sessions.* The sessions are typically scheduled four to six weeks apart. You may be scheduled for as many as six sessions to help you reduce fat in the chin area.

As the treatment destroys fat cells, there is generally no need for retreatment after you’ve achieved desired results. However, factors such as age, genetics, significant weight gain and gravity can still have an impact on your newly contoured skin.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The treatment has been proven safe clinically and has a track record of successfully treating more than 2,000 patients across the globe. The FDA seal of approval is the most valued credential when it comes to safety and validity in this country.

Helping You Reduce Submental Fat From Your Face

As I’ve often said about other injectables (like Botox), early prevention is one of the most effective ways to prolong the appearance of your youth. Similarly, Kybella is the best preventive treatment you can give to your thickening neck. Through this treatment, you can look forward to an elegant neck contour into your fifties and beyond!

You can expect to see results around four weeks, and may see improvement somewhere around eight months.*

Before & After Photos

Embrace your beauty at every age and love yourself!


What is difference between liposuction and Kybella for chin fat? I want the quickest and most permanent result possible!

As with any procedure that I embark upon with my patients, it’s important that we meet to discuss your expectations and desires and for me to see your unique physiology first hand. Kybella is usually a very simple procedure that has limited downtime and post-injection swelling. Most patients see the best results after 2-3 sessions. For those individuals with a lot of submental fat in the chin area, liposuction is a tried and true solution that is a “one and done” procedure. We can evaluate the pros and cons together when we meet in my office.

Are there side effects I need to be aware of?

Most of my patients have experienced very minimal side effects from Kybella treatments. These usually include a bit of soreness and swelling for a few days after your procedure. Some patients report a bit of numbness in the chin area too.  That’s because under the surface of your skin GREAT stuff is going on: As the fat begins to melt away, your body’s good cells come in to clean up the “mess”, so to speak. This whole process repairs and build collagen deep beneath the surface, helping to tighten and give an overall enhanced appearance to the area.

What can I expect at the treatment?

By the time of your procedure, a Kybella treatment plan will have been determined. I’ll go over this with you beforehand. Each patient is different, so the number of injections and total number of treatments will vary. First, we’ll go over the consent form with you. Next, I’ll mark out with a pen, the area to be treated and cleanse the area with antiseptic. A numbing cream will then be massaged into the area. While that’s settling in, I’ll set up the Kybella into tiny syringes. After I remove the cream, you’ll apply some ice to the area. Finally, I’ll apply the final markings to your neck and then do the injections.

By this time, the neck area will be pretty numb and the injections go quickly. It will be done before you know it!

Do Kybella treatments hurt?

The good news is that the “prick” is less uncomfortable than with Botox! In addition, I’ll apply ice and apply numbing cream to the skin in advance of the treatment. I’ll also put some ice on after the treatment. Beyond that, it will feel a bit inflamed and be a little swollen for about 72 hours. Completely manageable with massage and ice! Tylenol as needed.

Will I be able to go back to work without looking like I had a procedure?

How “obvious” this looks is very much dependent on the amount of fat in the area. In individuals with greater amounts of fat, the swelling and potential bruising is greater. In these cases, it may be best to do the treatment on a Friday. However, I have had a few people who had nothing particularly noticeable and returned to work that day. Once you come in for your Consultation, I’ll be able to give you more specific information!

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