The Threadlift has been used in Europe and other countries as a non-surgical alternative to the facelift since the 1990’s but is just starting to break onto the aesthetic procedure scene in the U.S. And, of course, we’ve already launched it here at our Westport, CT offices!

The Threadlift procedure addresses sagging, aging skin in the forehead, midface, naso-labial folds, jowls and neck, in a simple, yet effective way. Dr. Mahony inserts different sized and textured “threads” made of polydioxanone, or PDO, just under the skin. The application of the threads is based on the goal for each patient. Those that are “smooth,” are placed to improve the thickness and integrity of the skin, such as in areas of crepey skin. The areas that come to mind include the neck, upper lip, fine lines along the cheeks, as well as others. Threads that have a “rougher” surface are pulled and smoothed to tighten and lift the area creating a refreshed and younger look. Say goodbye to drooping brows and annoying jowls!

The thread material is safe (it’s used for surgical sutures and considered one of the safest materials). Perhaps the most amazing thing about the threads is that they are absorbed into your body after 3-6 months but while disintegrating they stimulate your body to produce collagen in the areas in and around the insertion area. This is the manner in which crepey skin is smoothed and thickened. How fantastic is that?

The Threadlift is a great solution for women and men of any age that are experiencing early signs of facial aging and aren’t yet ready for a full surgical facelift. It’s FDA approved and the studied effects have shown to last anywhere from 6-18 months and sometimes longer. We recommend a follow up evaluation at 6 months to see if anything needs to be touched up.

If you think you would be a good candidate for a Threadlift, you’ll want to book an in-office consultation so that Dr. Mahony can review your concerns and skin condition. Procedures require a consultation in advance of treatment. The entire procedure will last no more than an hour. You will be given topical numbing cream before receiving a lidocaine injection in the areas to be treated. Patients we’ve treated (including Dr. Mahony herself!) report very little pain or discomfort, minimal bruising and an immediate “lifted” look to the areas treated. Remember, as with many of our newer, non-surgical facial procedures (Vampire Facelift, PRP, ALMI. etc.) the results continue to improve over time as your body’s own systems begin to create collagen and add to the plumping and lifting effects.

It’s wonderful to offer such a wide array to anti-aging procedures that are largely based on the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. Keep in mind that all of these procedures can be combined to restore both youth and vibrancy to your look! PRP stimulates healing and growth of new cells and is the BEST way to recover the dew-y, glow and smooth complexion we love! ALMI is the ultimate natural filler and the source of the regenerative cells we require for long term cell renewal! Little did we all know that we could harness our DNA in such a beautiful way.

And we can also enhance these natural pathways with toxins for the dynamic nuisance lines of the upper face and the Thread Lift for the “heavy” work that aging has bestowed on us. From where I’m standing…I’d say we’re winning!

This article, Lifting the Lower Face With an Absorbable Polydioxanone (PDO) Thread, from the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology, reviews one 52-year-old patients procedure with PDO Threads.


I’ve had fillers for my deep lines around my nose and mouth. Which is better? Threadlift or fillers – I’m so confused!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a filler lover. They offer a lot of great benefits, especially when a patient is just starting to see the loss of cheek volume or those dreaded creases along the nose and mouth that look like parenthesis marks around the mouth! However, as we continue to age, sometimes we need more tools in our tool chest. Threadlifts are just that: They offer a bit stronger solution that is minimally invasive, has no downtime and is still affordable. With a board certified physician like Dr. Mahony or our Certified Physician’s Assistant, Stephanie, you’ll be in good hands.

I have a class reunion coming up in a few weeks – a big one! – and obviously don’t have time to do anything major but I feel in need of a major face refresh to “lift” my spirits. Is this my answer?

Amazing how quickly those reunions keep coming isn’t it? For many of us, we hardly feel older than the day we graduated from high school or college (thankfully with some very wise lessons on board) but when we stare at ourselves in that bathroom mirror those passed years become a bit more clear! Threadlift to the rescue! The good news is you have PLENTY of time to schedule a consultation (so we can see exactly what you want to address and look at the condition of your skin) and get your Threadlift done. We can lift your forehead, mid-face and tighten up any loose jowly chin area. You’ll look and feel “lifted” and ready to hit that dance floor like it’s 1989 (’79? ’69?). No matter…we won’t tell.