Patient Testimonials

When we conducted a survey of our plastic surgery practice patients, we were delighted to read the many positive responses from patients in Westport, Connecticut, Fairfield, Connecticut and beyond, about their experiences. In addition, our patients often share their success stories with us through cards and letters that we treasure.

Below are some of the highlights from our patient survey, as well as some excerpts from patient correspondence.

Patient Survey Highlights

“I am so incredibly thrilled with my experience and the results.”

Question: How do you feel about your experience with Dr. Mahony?

  • “I felt extremely comfortable and not pressured at all. At the first visit I felt like family, and the staff treated me as though I was important to them!”
  • “My first experience with Dr. Mahony was excellent all around – from my initial phone call to the actual procedure to checkout. I was nervous and intimidated at the thought of seeing a plastic surgeon, but my fears were alleviated immediately as soon as I stepped into her warm, inviting office. She was attentive and gentle, and I especially liked that she did not try to ‘sell’ me on anything other than what I was requesting, where with other doctors I left the consultation feeling scrutinized and bad about myself. I would highly recommend Dr. Mahony.”
  • “Dr. Mahony and her staff are exceptionally patient-oriented and respectful of the patient. I also appreciated that the appointment was on time, and the waiting room – not that I had much of a wait! – was very pleasant. The treatment was very well explained. I felt very comfortable and satisfied in every way and will definitely return. Thank you.”

Question: How would you describe your post-surgery satisfaction?

  • “I had a positive experience. I can’t think of anything that could have made it better.”
  • “I am so incredibly thrilled with my experience and the results.”
  • “Dr. Mahony and her staff did a wonderful job of explaining everything to me. I tend to be nervous and anxious and they completely reassured and calmed me before and after the procedure. I am extremely impressed with their caring nature. I can’t thank Dr. Mahony and her staff enough.”
  • “I have had a great experience with Doctor Mahony and her team. I am so glad and thankful to have found her.”
  • “I was well informed and I feel comforted by knowing Dr. Mahony really cares and made sure she could be reached at any time if a problem occurs. Everything has been great. Thank you, thank you!”
  • “Ellen was very patient and understanding with me and she really appreciated why I wanted to go the route of plastic surgery. She made me feel very comfortable with my procedures and gave me a very clear assessment of what I could expect.”


“This was the best investment I could have made for myself!”

Siobhon A.
Age: 36
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 146lbs
Procedure: Liposuction of Abdomen, Torso, Hips, and Inner Thighs
Removed: 3000mL


Siobhon is a young, healthy woman who enjoys exercising when she is not busy with her healthcare job. Despite having a set exercise regime and healthy diet, there were certain areas of her body that would not go away.

Siobhon states, “For many years I struggled with the famous “muffin top.” I stay very active and take my workouts and diet seriously. No matter how much weight I would lose, I would still have that extra flank and belly fat. I came to the realization that this was a genetic issue.”

“I contacted a few plastic surgeons but none of them made me feel comfortable.” That was until she met Dr. Mahony and her staff. “Dr. Mahony performed liposuction to my upper and lower abdomen, flank areas and in between both thighs,” states Siobhon.

After the procedure, she said, “I could not be happier. I wish I had done this in my early 20s instead of beating myself up about this stubborn fat! I have a shape and curvature now. I don’t have that unwanted muffin top and my pants fit perfectly!!! My confidence has been uplifted.”

Liposuction surgery has a very limited amount of down time. On average, patients need 3-5 days home from work, but this varies from case to case. Siobhon had a quick recovery and was back to exercising within 3 weeks of surgery. After the surgery, she stated, “This was the best investment I could have made for myself!”

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“The first thing I would like to say is I love my results. The second thing is that I was so glad it was Dr. Mahony who performed the surgery.”

“Dear Dr. Mahony,
When I was researching plastic surgeons, the extent of your education, training, certifications, and before & after photos were more than enough to convince me of your extraordinary skills. However, after I met you, I was immediately impressed with how easy you are to talk to and the time you took with me to explain procedures. The concern and care you showed me made me feel comfortable and valued as a person. Your staff is the same way, warm, caring, and genuine. Even the staff at the hospital couldn’t say enough good things about you and your skills as surgeon. It has been about a month since my surgeries. Already I feel better about myself and no longer have to suck in my stomach or wear padded bras anymore! I found my waist again too! I am so pleased that I am now saving for a face lift! Dr. Mahony, you totally rock. All I can say is I routinely recommend you to everyone. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! You made such a difference in my life.”

“All in all, a great life-changing experience.”

“Had two children 18 years ago and finally decided to get the tummy tuck that I always wanted. Exercise and diet was not enough to finally make me feel like I am today. Dr. Mahony was fantastic in every way. Kept me informed, surgery went totally smoothly, recovery was what she said it would be. All in all a great life changing experience. I’m a pretty confident person in general but this just made me feel 20 years younger!! Wish I did not wait so long.”

“I also felt a woman doctor would understand my desires better.”

“My experience with Dr. Mahony has been great: as I sit here writing this, I am with a good friend waiting for her consult with Dr. Mahony! I had liposuction on three areas and am pleased. I consulted with two other surgeons before Dr. Mahony but chose her because she made me feel comfortable and explained everything very thoroughly. I also felt a woman doctor would understand my desires better. Thank you, Dr. Mahony!”

“Dr. Mahony is a skilled surgeon, an exceptional listener and a woman who just ‘gets it!’ My surgery was very successful and recovery was amazing: quick and easy.”

“After 3 C-sections, my midsection and scar were making me crazy. I was in shape but nothing would fit the deformed and uneven scar that eventually showed through my workout clothes. I thought about it for 19 years and did nothing until I met Dr. Mahony. She is a skilled surgeon, an exceptional listener and a woman who just ‘gets it!’ My surgery was very successful and recovery was amazing: quick and easy. She was honest, caring and amazing throughout the entire process. I don’t have any criticisms, only praise for her expertise and her ability to meet (exceed actually) my expectations. Her staff is also wonderful as was the quality of care received at Norwalk Hospital. — Signed, 100% Satisfied”