Katelen Takes Control


“I’m a nurse. I knew the key to good results was finding the right plastic surgeon.”

Through most of her life, Katelen’s frustrations with the appearance of her asymmetric breasts led her to try disguising her “little secret” with padding and inserts. She wore only loose clothing and shunned bathing suits. But by the time she turned 28, she says, “I was ready to take action. I’m a nurse. I knew the key to good results was finding the right plastic surgeon.”

She found her in Westport, Connecticut.

“After doing a lot of research, I had my first consultation with Dr. Mahony and I felt very confident in her approach,” says Katelen. “I was really excited about getting surgery because the way my breasts looked was something that had been bothering me for a very long time.”

Katelen says she also explored Dr. Mahony’s website, the before-and-after pictures of real patients, and online reviews and testimonials. What impressed her most, she says, was how so many of the plastic surgeon’s patients described her as a “perfectionist.”

During her informative and detailed consultation, Katelen says it became clear that a staged corrective breast surgery was needed to meet her cosmetic goals of having symmetric, youthful-looking breasts that were proportional to her body. Before surgery, her right breast was a full cup-size larger than her left breast. Dr. Mahony explained the first step would include reducing the size of her right breast and a breast lift on the left side.

“Dr. Mahony was so informative and helpful,” says Katelen. “She cleared up about a million misperceptions I had after researching on the Internet. It was such a relief to understand in plain English all of my options and to be able to make an informed decision about my complex situation.”

The consultation was more like collaboration, she says. Dr. Mahony listened to her questions and concerns and addressed each one. It was really a team approach to making decisions about what Katelen wanted.

About a year later, Katelen returned to Dr. Mahony’s plastic surgery office less than 15 minutes from Fairfield, Connecticut, to complete her cosmetic breast surgery. This second surgery included breast augmentation with saline implants and a right breast mastopexy (lift).

“I felt really prepared for the second surgery after having already been through the process once,” says Katelen.

She is thrilled with the results.

“They are so much better than I expected,” says the registered nurse. “I tell anyone who asks for advice about getting breast surgery to go for it. And, of course, I recommend Dr. Mahony. I feel a lot more confident now about my body than I ever did before.”