We’re excited to offer another DNA based biologic procedure in our practice – Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injections (ALMI™) – that uses your own regenerative tissues to turn back the clock on aging. This unique and innovative treatment offers an all-natural alternative to manufactured fillers for our patients who want more than just temporary fullness to cheeks or hands. ALMI is not just a filler, it is a sophisticated compilation of regenerative biologic material.  Although it does restore volume with living cells, it also delivers replacement cells to tissues that are aging and failing.  In doing so, the failing tissues are revitalized with new cells thus rejuvenating the area with DNA based material- which is unique to you.  Unlike commercial fillers, ALMI can be used virtually anywhere in the body.  Although the face and hands are popular, other areas include the scalp for hair restoration, vaginal tissues to name a few.

In the ALMI procedure we harvest your body’s adipose cells (fat) which are rich in regenerative cells.  In fact there are more regenerative cell stored in fat than there are in bone marrow which is commonly used for stem cell transplantation.  The cells are then processed to separate the fat cells from the regenerative cells.  The fat cells are also processed into a smaller size for the ease of injection into the tissues for restoration of volume.  Since the fat cells are living tissue, they will live in the area to which they are placed and develop a blood supply, which enables these cells to maintain the volume addition for an extended length of time (can exceed two or more years).


Once the regenerative cells are placed in the tissue, platelet rich plasma (PRP) is added to the same tissue plane, also by injection, to enhance and augment the cellular repair and regenerative processes.  This two-step process creates a biologic environment rich in regenerative cells as well as growth factors.  The growth factors from the PRP “trigger” your body to repair and restore injured cells in the surrounding tissues, wherever they are injected.  The regenerative cells transform into the cells that are damaged beyond repair- actually replacing them to build more tissue. Your body then gets to work doing what it’s made to do: regenerating capillaries (bringing back a rosy glow to your skin), increasing hyaluronic acid (returning moisture for a dewy complexion), and growing the fibrin matrix (adding skin thickness as well as new elastin and collagen). Now you understand why we’re so excited about ALMI! It’s more than a filler or volumizer, it regenerates, transforms and repairs, turning back time.

Even better? The entire procedure occurs in-office, takes only 1-2 hours and has minimal-to-no downtime. In addition, it has shown to be longer-lasting that traditional injectables in most cases. If you’re looking for a natural solution to aging, ALMI is your “go-to” biologic for DNA-based rejuvenation!

Read more about this amazing new procedure in these medical journal papers:


What is the difference between ALMI and PRP?

Good question! The procedures are very similar in that both use your body’s own cells to stimulate deep regeneration of tissues and the important biologic elements that “reverse” aging like collagen, hyaluronic acid and capillaries. ALMI is different in that we include your own adipose fat cells in order to generate fullness in areas where many patients want it, most often to plump sunken, drawn cheeks and vein-y aging hands.  The regenerative cells from ALMI actually replace damaged tissue to rebuild.  This is more of a foundational procedure which builds creates new cellular material.  In comparison, PRP stimulates the repair processes, which reverse aging.  When used together, these synergistic procedures are extremely powerful in their impact on aging.

Why are some doctors still recommending injectables if this is such a good, all-natural option?

While I can’t speak for any other doctors, in my practice we choose to offer a variety of solutions we consider effective and safe – whether they are biologic or manufactured – because each patient has unique concerns, budget and needs. In addition, some doctors may not be trained in ALMI so they aren’t able to recommend it in their practice. I took intensive courses in both the ALMI and PRP procedures to stay on the cutting edge of what I believe is an amazing area of DNA-based rejuvenation.