The “O” Shot®

shotFor many women, lack of sexual desire or other changes to their sexual health and satisfaction, are challenges that can arise at various points in their lives — after childbirth, a medical issue or with menopause. Whatever the reason, it’s a health concern that can have a serious impact on our moods, relationships and overall well being!

Thankfully, a relatively new treatment called the “O Shot” or “orgasm shot” has shown promise in treating various types of sexual dysfunction. The procedure uses Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) taken from the patient’s own body and injects it into the clitoris and inside the vagina. This encourages cell renewal and makes the areas more sensitive to stimulation and the effects have been shown to last for up to a year.

For women who have struggled with discomfort and aesthetic dissatisfaction from lax, floppy tissue in their vaginal area can benefit from a labiaplasty procedure which can be done at the same time as your in-office “O” Shot. Add on a Vampire Wing Lift® to bring moisture and fuller, more robust, youthful tissue to this area.

Dr. Ellen Mahony featured in The Connecticut Post about The “O” Shot®

Photo: Brian A. Pounds / Hearst Connecticut Media
Photo: Brian A. Pounds / Hearst Connecticut Media

Another great part of this procedure — as with all PRP procedures — is that the substance used is from your own body and therefore there’s little to no risk of allergic reaction. Call the office for a consultation about this exciting new procedure.

Read more about the benefits of The “O” Shot® in this Women’s Health article.


I know the “O” shot uses my own platelet-rich plasma but are there any side effects?

The good news is that this is a very safe procedure using your own plasma along with some numbing solution at the injection sites. As with any medical procedure, make sure to select an experienced and trained doctor (Dr. Mahony is trained to provide the “O” shot) who follows proper protocols for both processing your blood and for performing safe, sterile injections. Following those guidelines — and what we’ve read and experienced with the “O” shot, there should be minimal risk of negative side effects.

Where are the “O” shots given?

The “O” shots are targeted to areas that are key for women’s sexual satisfaction. The first area is in or around the clitoris. The second area is the anterior vaginal wall (G spot area). The stimulation of new blood vessels and collagen in these key areas helps to increase sensitivity and sexual satisfaction.

How long does the “O” shot last?

The effects of the “O” shot will vary, patient by patient, but most reports indicate that the positive results last anywhere from 6-18 months, sometimes even longer!

I am really afraid of having a shot in a very sensitive area of my body! How painful is this procedure?

We totally understand — we have an all-female staff and it’s the first question everyone had about the procedure so you’re not alone! Rest assured, we do everything to make you comfortable throughout the procedure. We use a topical numbing cream, lidocaine, and find that most patients feel no pain at all from the (quick) procedure.