The P Shot®

The Male P ShotProstate cancer, diabetes and aging can all impact male sexual function. And now there is a natural way to address the unwelcome outcomes such as inability to attain an erection, lackluster (or lack of) orgasms and reduced sensitivity: The P-Shot®. The P Shot® uses an injection of Platelet Rich Plasma into a man’s penis shaft to give better blood flow, growth of new blood vessels and increased girth. An injection is also placed in the corona to stimulate the nerves and heighten sensitivity and arousal. All of these positive results come with no risk of allergic reaction since the PRP is derived from your own blood.

During a quick, in-office procedure, the patient’s blood is drawn and spun in a centrifuge to separate the growth factors. The potent growth factors are then injected into the penis where they activate new blood vessels, collagen and tissue growth in the deep layers of the skin over the next 1-2 months. The effects of the procedure can last for two years or more!

Read more about Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) here.


Does the procedure hurt? Nothing sounds worse than an injection in your penis!

We understand that there is great concern (and rightly so!) about injecting anything into this area of your body. We make sure that there is little to no discomfort by generously applying numbing cream and then a Lidocaine shot. Rest assured there is no pain after the cream wears off.

What is the aftercare like? Can I have sex right away?

There is little aftercare required after your P-Shot®. We provide you with a penis pump that simply increases blood flow into the penis and shaft to make sure that all of the new growth factors are circulating through the tissues and can do their work. There is no problem with having sex although I’d wait a day or so to make sure that the effects of the creams and pumping have worn off.

How long will the results of the procedure last and is there any danger of having it multiple times?

The P-Shot® and other PRP procedures have shown to last up to two years, and sometimes even longer. This is because the growth factors are stimulating your body to create new blood vessels, tissues, nerves, fat, collagen and elastin! It’s as if your skin is growing younger from the inside, with all of the resulting great outcomes that come along with it.