Vampire Wing Lift®

Vampire Wing LiftThe Vampire Wing Lift® is yet another procedure we offer in Dr. Ellen Mahony’s Fairfield County office that utilizes Platelet Rich Plasma to enhance the fullness of women’s anatomy, specifically the labia majora, to lift and restore lost fullness to the area, addressing discomfort and enhancing physical appearance. Unfortunately, this area of women’s bodies ages just like any other area – and is greatly impacted by events such a major weight loss or vaginal childbirth, causing loose, deflated skin and decreasing sensitivity (in an area we’d all like to continue feeling young!).

This in-office procedure is performed virtually painlessly, using strong numbing cream and a lidocaine injection to ensure patients are very comfortable. As with all PRP procedures, blood is drawn and spun in a centrifuge to separate the growth factors. The potent growth factors are then injected into the labia majora where they activate new blood vessels, collagen and tissue growth in the deep layers of the tissue over the next 1-2 months. The effects of the procedure (moist, fuller, more robust, youthful tissue) can last for two years or more!

It’s great to pair this procedure with the “O” Shot® which injects PRP into the clitoris and inside the vagina to encourage cell renewal and increase sensitivity to stimulation and sexual satisfaction.

Why Women avoid Discussing the Appearance of the Labia (wings)–Cindy Barshop & Dr. Carolyn Delucia (VSpotMediSpa) from Charles Runels, MD on Vimeo.


I just had a baby (my last!) six months ago and noticed a lot of droopiness in my vaginal area. Is it too soon to have a Vampire Wing Lift®?

Congratulations on becoming a mother again! Once again, your body has gone through so many changes but it sounds like you’re ready to get back to your old self – or a newly-energized and satisfied self! I would recommend letting your body settle in for another six months and then schedule your appointment.

I am 70-years-old and still have an active sex life. Am I too old to expect good results (both in appearance and in sexual sensitivity) from the Vampire Wing Lift®?

Isn’t 70 the new 50 (and I thought 50 was really great!)? So, my answer is a resounding “no,” you’re not too old for anything as long as you have the right attitude! It’s great that you have an active sex life and are looking to keep it going. Schedule an appointment and we’ll make sure to keep you vibrant and sexy for years to come.

I’m very concerned with having anything injected into my vaginal area. Not only am I very sensitive to pain but I am concerned about the safety. How can you put my fears at ease?

Your concerns are shared by many women, myself included. That’s why I can so confidently recommend this procedure. I’ve had it done myself and can assure you that there is little to no pain. We apply numbing cream to the entire area; and then inject Lidocaine to ensure everything is really numb. If you’ve had dental work and know how numb your mouth gets, you can relate.

As for safety, the PRP procedures are fantastic because they use your own platelet rich plasma that was harvested from your blood just prior to injection. It’s your body’s own amazing system of “repair” going to work right where we inject it which is very safe.